• The upcoming application deadline for the Atelier Tremplin 2020 program
    is March 31, 2020. Applications are reviewed and  scheduled during the week following the deadline. We accept applications throughout the year on  the last day of  each month, however, we suggest that you submit your application as soon as possible as the submission date may be used to determine scheduling priority.
  • To request an application form, please send us an email to :


For the initial launch of the programme three periods of approximately 3-month each have been defined as follow:

Session Planning
Winter Session 18 February 2020 > 8 May 2020 (80 days)
Spring / Summer session 19 May 2020 > 31 July 2020 (74 days)
Fall Session 8 September 2020 > 27 November 2020 (81 days)