Current Exhibitions

“Works created in residence”

For 19 years A.I.R. Vallauris has been welcoming artists from around the world into the residence and studios to meet local artists, pursue their research and create new works in a unique setting.We are pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition of works created in residence by four international artists.


Danielle Becknell (Australia/USA)
Caroline Kennedy (Australia)
Roxanne Macmod (Philippines/UAE)
Marleen Vansteenvoort (Belgium)


from Saturday 14 March 2020 to Wednesday 18 March 2020


Saturday, March 14th , from 11 am to 1 pm
In the presence of the artists
and live music

Locations: Chapelle de la Misericorde
Place Jules Lisnard
06220 Vallauris
Galerie Aqui Siam Ben
Place Lisnard,
1 Boulevard des Deux Vallons
06220 Vallauris


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