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Place Lisnard, Vallauris

Place Lisnard, Vallauris

Located in the heart of the old town Vallauris, A.I.R. Vallauris (Artists in Residence), a non-profit association, welcomes artists from around the world to its lodgings and studios to meet with local artists and to research and create new works in a unique setting. The association became active in October, 2001 and has three primary objectives:
• Hosting international artists and the support of contemporary creation
• Education in (primarily, but not exclusively) the field of ceramic arts
• The organisation and realisation of cultural events.

Artists in Residence
A.I.R. Vallauris accommodates several artists at a given time for a period of one to two months, in its residence and studios. Using different mediums, artists (ceramists, sculptors, painters, photographers, videographers and multimedia artists) work from an equipped studio, live in individual furnished spaces and are afforded access to a gallery where their works are displayed and celebrated at the end of their residency period. Media involvement encourages the interest of an invited and engaged audience. The quality of artistic creation is one of the major concerns addressed by the program. A selection committee evaluates applicants based on their artistic experience, merit and project proposal. Now entering its 19th season, A.I.R. Vallauris has welcomed over 350 international artists since its conception in 2001.

At the end of their residency, A.I.R. Vallauris ensures each artist an opportunity to present their work or project to the public. Well publicized, these exhibitions and sales are show-cased within the association’s Gallery “Aqui Siam Ben” and “The Cabanon”. Over the course of a year several exhibitions are also sponsored in the Gallery Aqui Siam Ben that brings together works created by resident artists relating to a specific theme. International exhibitions with prestigious partners are organized at eminent venues.

Educational Programs
A.I.R. Vallauris encourages and facilitates interaction between local and international artists.  Workshops, conferences, demonstrations and exhibitions are organized with participation of resident artists and with public involvement. Partnerships with the local School of Fine Arts, local Government, the regional and international organizations foster a positive artistic environment, furthering the involvement of and exchanges with resident and local artists.

The major biannual event organized by A.I.R. Vallauris, “Small Art Objects” is a competition, exhibition and sale of small art objects. A different theme is defined for each event, while the constraints governing the size of each work are maintained. Designed as a fund-raising activity to help finance ongoing activities of A.I.R. Vallauris, the well-publicized exhibition focuses on the artists and their creations, highlighting their skills and the quality of their work. All submitted entries are exhibited online, in the gallery, and are compiled into a publication. This undertaking encourages ongoing relationships with alumni resident artists, many of whom continue their involvement by submitting works and also serving on the jury for the event.

From the A.I.R. Vallauris atelier “Aqui Siam Ben” an original series of decorative and functional ceramic objects are created in limited edition. The objective of the atelier is to create works that make use of a variety of techniques, materials and firing methods in order to best demonstrate the incredible possibilities that can be realized by imaginative ceramic creation. These works are on display and for sale in the gallery “Aqui Siam Ben” in Vallauris.

A.I.R. Vallauris is grateful to our sponsors for their support:

  • A+B (Andrew and Barbara Dorosh)
  • The municipality of Vallauris Golfe Juan
  • Conseil General- Alpes Maritimes
  • Conseil Regional- Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur
  • N.C.E.C.A. (National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts)
  • Institute Français